Thursday, 12 May 2016


What is Android
Android is a mobile operating system owned by Google. Hence it comes with most of the advantages of Google. It is an operating system that is installed in smartphones and tablets by default. It is based on Linux with a Java programming interface.It provides users with an access to Google services like You Tube, Google Maps, Search engine and Gmail etc. hence, users can watch videos, listen to audio clips, search information on the web find places, browse, check mails, send mails and perform many other functions similar to those on a computer. Android technology has converted the phone into a mini computer and made it smarter.
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Features of Android phone
  • Change the look: With Android phones, you can change the wallpapers and themes to suit your tastes. You can either download pictures or images from the internet or use a photograph as your wall paper. Android allows you to change the very look of your device.
  • Downloading applications: On Android phones you can download a number of applications like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Wassup, games etc. so you can check messages on Facebook, tweet from time to time, play games, order pizzas, book cabs, book cinema shows, buy tickets, manage bank accounts and do almost everything that you do online on the computer.
  • Help lines: With helpline numbers, people can contact the police station or fire brigade quickly in case of emergency. Some special apps are made for young girls. They do not require dialling any number; just pressing the on-off key conveys that they are in need of help. Their location can also be traced by the police. Life is full of newly created dangers in the modern world and they can be handled via smartphones and Android technology.
  • Transferring data: You can transfer data from your computer to the phone and vice versa very easily.
  • Saving data: The data or phone numbers that you save on your phone is automatically synced with Google and can be recovered even if the device gets damaged or lost.
  • Camera apps: There are hundreds of camera apps that allow you to click photographs and create special effects.
  • Music: Songs and audio clips can be downloaded and you can prepare any number of playlists.
  • Customization: Android enables customization of training in pune
All the above features outline the importance of Android. Smartphones have changed the lifestyle of modern man. Almost every individual possesses a cell phone. One may not have completed the formalities for procuring a ration card or PAN card yet everyone has a passion for owning a smartphone. Android has added great value to the cell phone and is responsible for converting it into a SMART phone in the true sense.
Up till now, you’d have had to go out of your way to install and sometimes pay for a third-party utility in order to get such functionality. Now it’s built right into Android, whether you realize it or not — and it’s always ready and available, with no added apps or running services required.
The importance of Android cannot be exaggerated for anyone who wants to live a SMART life!!!!
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