Friday, 7 April 2017

Don’t Just Get Certified, Get Hired..!

In today's real world, Java is being more popular than other widely used programming languages including C++, C#, PHP, and JavaScript. The significant factor about Java is, it is an open source language. Its source code is easily available for free inside every JDK (Java Development Kit). Java is platform independent whichmeans it can run on any machine irrespective of the hardware and software dependency. This is one of the leading reasons for its increased use in the software industry. If you think about it, you would come to know that widespread of Java means growing number of job opportunities! Java has one of the popular languages when it comes to number of job offers!

According to a survey, demand for mobile applications is going to grow five times faster in less than two years. Nowadays, Android systems dominate the smartphone market with 80.7% and will continue its expansion from now through 2020. So, Java will be continue to be the driving force behind mobile application development trends. Java has a great history of ups and downs, but it has become the next big thing that will not disappear in 5-10 years. It is used by more than 9 million developers, provides extensive libraries and allows to develop enterprise application development and integration trends. However, to shape software applications in Java gives a complete freedom to developers, and sometimes it leads to extended deadlines and software vulnerabilities. That’s why you should partner with a reliable source of java certification in pune who follows IT trends and holds a great expertise in Java/Android software development